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Smarteq Ant Combination antenna for hole mounting. IP67, GSM, GPS

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A combination antenna for vehicle roof mount. The antenna includes a cellular antenna, GPS antenna with low noise amplifier and an option to mount an external rod. A wide range of rods for different frequencies are available. Ant can be used in different applications depending on which system it is integrated with: fleet management, safety/security systems, logistics and other telematics applications. It has a slim and aerodynamic design and makes it perfect to use both on HGVs and smaller vehicles, like taxis, pick-ups, vans etc.


  • Combination antenna
  • Hole mounted /Body Mount in 19mm
  • Operating system: 2G/3G+GPS option to mount an rod according to smarteq rod selection guide 27-600MHz
  • Active LNA +26dB
  • Color: Black
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