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Midland XT70 transceiver, 1000mAh NiMh battery, fast desktop charger, USB cable, headsets PAIR

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  • Dual Band LPD/PMR transceiver
  • Channels: 24 PMR446 (8+16 pre-programmed) + 69 LPD
  • Side Tone: end transmission noise muffler
  • Wide LCD display with backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto power save: automatic current economy circuit
  • 38 CTCSS and 83 DCS tones in TX and RX
  • CALL button with 5 tones selectable
  • Battery life up to 18 hours
  • Fast charger (4 hours)
  • Monitor function
  • Baby Sitter function
  • Buttons for the channel selection
  • Knob for volume adjustement
  • Out of range function (automatic or manual)
  • SCAN function
  • Keypad lock
  • Hi/low power selection (PMR band)
  • Roger Beep on/off
  • VOX for hands-free communications with 9 selectable levels
  • 2-Pin jack for ext. mike / ext. speaker
  • USB port to recharge the radio

  • 2 Pcs of Transceivers
  • 2 Pcs of Belt Clip
  • 2 Pcs of 1000 mAh Rechargeable battery packs
  • 1 Pc of Double fast desktop charger
  • 1 Pc of USB cable
  • 2 Pcs of Earphone Mikes MA21L
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