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HE2M UNIVERSAL (FME) Flexible Helical whip antenna with FME-connector

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Flexible Helical whip antenna with FME-connector

Flexible Helical whip antenna with integrated FME-connector, especially made for use on portable transceivers.  In order to install the antenna on various transceivers a wide range of connector adapters are available (not included) 

  • FME Connector Adapter System for Universal Fitting
  • TUNABLE (By Cutting)
Electrical Specifications:
Frequency144 - 225 MHz (2M BAND)
Impedance50 ohm
Gain0 dBd, 2.1 dBi
Bandwidth16 MHz
VSWR< 2.0
Max. Power50 W
Mechanical Specifications:
HeightApprox. 175 mm
Weight35 g
MaterialsPOM, PE, steel and brass
Operating temperature-40C to +70C
Connector 1FME-female
Mounting placeOn transceivers etc.
Mounting InstructionAntenna must be cut to specified frequency. Cutting Table included
Ordering information:
Part no.14087 (Antenna whip only)
Part no.14087IP (Antenna whip only - Bulk packing)
Part no.14154 (Antenna + BNC-male adapter)
Part no.14154IP (Antenna + BNC-male adapter - Bulk packing)
Part no.14155 (Antenna + TNC-male adapter)
Part no.14155IP (Antenna + TNC-male adapter - Bulk packing)
Packing information:
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