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Albrecht Bambini babysitter radio, 950mAh Li-Ion battery, deskchargers, 1 external cable microphone PAIR

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Babyphone - PMR 446 Albrecht Bambini

Up to 90% less electrosmog with the included cable microphone

The Albrecht Bambini combines the advantages of a reliable Babyphones with the newest radio technology: interference-free monitoring channels send
acoustic signals to the parent unit immediately as soon as the sensitive microphone detects noise from the child. The display lights up depending on the noise intensity (one to three LEDs).
Thanks to the included cable microphone there is up to 90% less electrosmog in the children ´s room and there- fore ensures for a better and healthier sleep.
The very high range o ers even more exibility: com- munication up to 5 kilometers distance between the baby and the parent unit are possible.
The visually appealing babyphone on PMR446
basis can also be operated as a normal leisure radio, for example when the little ones have outgrown the baby age.
xpansion: you can monitor several children at the same time with only one parent unit. Additional baby devices in di erent rooms can all be commu- nicating with the same parent device.
An additional night light is no longer necessary: it is already included with the Albrecht Bambini. The brightness level can be set in three different ways to soothe the baby and gently help him to fall asleep.
The large and illuminated LC display shows the parents all important information, such as battery status and channel setting. An operation time
of up to twelve hours and charging options through the desktop charger or the integrated micro USB port provide additional comfort.

2 in 1 Babyphone and leisure radio

The reliable babyphone with interference-free monitoring channels alarms immediately when the sensitive microphone detects noise from the child.
Full equipped PMR446 radio with great range.

Can be used by grown children to play with or will be helpful during vacation trips, etc.

▹ Included cable microphone

The microphone reduces electrosmog up to 90%

▹ Soft night light (baby unit)

3-level night light on the baby unit will help your child to fall asleep more easily.

▹ Large, illuminated LC display

It provides all the important information, e.g. the current battery status or the channel setting.

▹ Noise level indicator (parent unit)
Depending on the volume near the baby unit, 1 to 3 LEDs on parent unit will light up.

▹ Out of Range control

Despite the high range, the contact between the radio devices could be interrupted. In this case you will be informed by an acoustic and visual warning. You can also carry out a manual range test at any time.

▹ Power supply
· Operation time up to 12 hours

· Convenient charging with 2 desktop chargersor via the built-in micro USB connector

· Energy saving mode: Sleep mode if no noise is registered

· Baby device can be operated 24/7 due to the smart charger · Battery operation with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Albrecht Bambini Set:
Delivery content: 2 devices, 2 Li-Ion battery packs, 2 desktop chargers, 2 wall adapters, 1 external cable microphone
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