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Midland G10 PRO PMR446 portable semi-professional transciever 1200mAh LiIon battery, desktop charger

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Midland G10 Pro portable trancseiver

Do you want a semi-professional radio without having to learn all the operating details? G10 Pro is the right solution for you. With 32 channels, which can be quickly selected and automatic battery saving (Auto Power Save function), communication will be fast and immediate on construction sites and on the road.

Easy to use and essential

The G10 Pro walkie-talkie is suitable for use on construction
sites and on the road, because it is effective and sturdy, with a package of essential functions that ensure rapid communications.
For example, with the SCAN function, which can be unlocked via the (optional) programmer, the radio constantly checks the
channels to find conversations in progress and set the radio to the used channel.
32 total channels – 16 more than the previous model - take advantage of the extended frequency band (446.00625 –
446.19375MHz), with 50 CTCSS and 116 DCS tones, normal and
inverted, signalled by the voice indication.
The lithium battery guarantees long use and is automatically managed by the Auto Power Save function for efficient
consumption and energy saving.
The clean design is completed with the belt clip, inside the package, which can be mounted immediately.
G10 Pro has a wide range of accessories: the multi-station multiple charger (6 radios), different types of microphones (earphones, with or without PTT, pneumatic, to name just the main ones) with Kenwood 2-pin socket.

Technical features

Weight - 185g
Scan - Yes
Tones - 50 CTCSS Tone + 116 Normal DCS codes + 116 inverted DCS codes
Channels - 16 new PMR446 channels + 32 PMR446 channels (16+16 preprogrammed)
Chassis - Alluminium
Frequency - Extended frequency band: 446.00625 – 446.19375MHz
Power supply - Battery Pack Li-Ion 1200mAh
Auto Power Save - Yes
Accessory socket type - 2 Pin Kenwood
Dimension HxWxD - 118 x 60 x 35mm
Programmable via PC - Yes
Vocal announcement - Yes
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Sending authentication request to phone

Verification code:

Make sure that the verification code sent to the application matches the code on the screen and then enter Smart-ID PIN1

Waiting for Smart-ID reply