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SD-2000/N base antenna

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"Product Number:
P/N: 2109005.00 SD 2000 U
P/N: 2109105.00 SD 2000 N
Electrical Data:
Type: Discone
Radiation: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Linear vertical
Frequency range: RX band: 100-2000 MHz
TX band (@ SWR ≤2): 130-160, 215-440, 610-685, 870-960, 1070-1500, 1620-1800, 1860-2000 MHz
Systems: 2m-HAM, VHF Airband, VHF Marine Band, ORBCOMM M2M, AIS-162MHz, TETRA-350, TETRA, GSM-R, GSM-900, GSM-1800, 2G-GSM/GPRS/EDGE, ISM/SIGFOX/LoRa 915MHz
Gain: 0 dBd – 2.15 dBi @ lowest frequency
Max Power: 200 Watts (CW) continuous
SD 2000 U:
UHF-female (SO-239)
SD 2000 N:
Mechanical Data:
Materials: Chromed brass, Stainless steel, Nylon
Height (approx): 900 mm / 2.95 ft
Weight (approx): 1020 gr / 2.25 lb
Mounting type: On-Mast
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