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Yaesu FTA-550L Airband COM radio with VOR NAV

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Technical Description FTA-550L

In addition to listening and speaking in AM on the aeronautical band, the FTA-550L offers VOR navigation. The large and easy-to-read LC display shows the Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) of a typical VOR-NAV device. The ILS localiser can also be received. All features are housed in a rugged, IPX5 waterproof polycarbonate enclosure of only 60 x 133 x 34 mm and 410 g, with manufacturing and rigorous testing according to MIL-STD-810F.
A USB programming cable is included in the scope of delivery. Together with the YCE01 software, which is available free of charge, memory management is greatly facilitated and allows setups to be changed quickly.
Other comprehensive accessories are included to make the FTA-550L aircraft radio easy to use in all conceivable situations and to provide safety in all situations – both in terms of power supply and the connection options to a wired avionics headset.

Application Description FTA-550L

The FTA-550L aircraft radio is the ideal companion for pilots and air sports enthusiasts. With this handheld radio, voice radio in the aeronautical band with 5 W transmitting power is possible. To make operation as easy as possible, up to 200 memory channels can be freely programmed. Each channel can be given a name of up to 15 characters. This makes it easy to find all important frequencies. The robust keypad allows quick frequency ѕelection and offers direct access to the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz.
The FTA-550L also offers many features that make daily operation much easier in practice. For example, the large display and keypad are illuminated and dimmable to be easily readable at night without dazzling. The loudspeaker output is powerful enough to be easily heard even in noisy environments. The powerful battery with 7.4 V and 2200 mAh can be charged in many ways: Either on the road in the car with the included cigarette lighter adapter cable, or in the hotel with the included charger. Of course, a charging cradle is also included so that the FTA-550L always finds its permanent place in the office and remains in readiness. And just in case, an empty battery case is included, in which six AA batteries can be inserted. So you always have enough energy with you, no matter where your journey takes you to.

Approval for aeronautical radios since Sept. 6, 2017.

09/06/2017: FTA-250L / FTA-450L / FTA-550L / FTA-750L / FTA-850L now approved for non-air traffic control services!

The BNetzA (Federal Network Agency = German federal authority) now grants frequency allocations for FTA-250L/FTA-450/FTA-550/FTA-750, for ground radio stations and for radio equipment in aircraft!


  • the equipment is not used to provide air traffic control services (TURM/TOWER)
  • the frequency assignment must be associated with a D-xxxx callsign
  • the equipment must comply with the aviation standard ETSI EN 300676 (this is the case for FTA-250L/FTA-450L/FTA-550L/FTA-750L/FTA-850L)


Further restrictions may exist in individual cases, for example handheld radios in the aircraft do not replace the possibly required fixed mandatory equipment.

Further information can be obtained from the following associations: www.dulv.de, www.daec.de or from the Federal Network Agency.

Independently, of course, the following still applies, even if no frequency allocation is applied for:

Yaesu FTA-250L, FTA-450L, FTA-550L, FTA-750L and FTA-850L aircraft radios are CE certified, have a declaration of conformity and are notified to the Federal Network Agency. Trade, storage and purchase are therefore unproblematic.

The devices may not be operated in Germany without frequency assignment. According to the German Federal Aviation Authority, there is no objection to carrying devices without frequency assignment in a switched-off state in order to have a replacement device available in the event of a radio failure. Even operation in such a case will remain unsanctioned, since in an emergency the pilot must take all available measures to avert danger to himself and others.

As far as we know, in some other countries of the EU the operation of the equipment is allowed even without frequency assignment. 

(in UK: CAA Equipment Approval LA301075 for handheld 8.33 kHz channel spaced VHF radios, not valid for airspace A, B and C).


Product Name FTA-550L
TX Power [W] 5 W
Supported Bands VHF Airband
Brand Yaesu
Weight 410 g
Antenna Connector BNC socket
Bluetooth Interface No
More Information
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Digital/Analog Analog
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