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Midland M5 car transceiver CB 27MHz with remote microphone

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Midland M-5 CB radio


The CB world finds a new style with the Midland M5, the "CB in the mike" to have everything on hand all the time, thanks to the buttons placed directly on the microphone with an LCD display to see channels, bands and settings. The compact size and its particular configuration allow the radio to be placed in the storage compartment or even in the boot (with accessory cable extension). A new way to enjoy the CB that allows you to drive with a minimal cabin.

The CB in the mike

When driving, the most important thing is safety.
When you drive miles and miles, for hours on the road alone, CB radio becomes your exclusive channel to communicate with the world, to acquire information and to talk to the truck drivers community.
With the M5, which contains all the features of the CB directly on the microphone, driving is more than safe. No distractions, your eyes are focused on the road, as well as your attention.
M5 has also small dimensions and a strong metal structure to make it really resistant.
The USB socket on the front allows you to easily recharge any electrical device, such as your mobile phone or tablet. Furthermore, thanks to the multi-band, 40 AM / FM channels and 4W output power, you can communicate easily and continuatively.
Select the channel on the multicolor display, choose your Squelch (28 manual levels and 5 digital levels), control RF gain, Scan and the S-Meter RX-TX indication.Install it with the sliding mounting bracket, and charge it with the cigarette lighter socket.

Simple, functional, practical, Midland M5.


• Band: Multi-Standards (8)
• 40 Channels AM/FM
• Output Power: 4 Watt AM/FM
• Die-Cast metal body
• Controls on the mike
• Selectable Multi-Colour Backlight (7 colours)
• Manual Squelch 28 levels
• Digital Squelch at 5 levels
• RF-Gain
• Scan Function
• Indication S-meter RX-TX
• Sliding and/or Tilting Fastening Bracket
• Lighter Power Supply
• USB Socket for Charging Electrical Devices
• 2-Ppin Kenwood Socket (for Microphone)

1 Pc of Transceiver
1 Pc of Microphone with UP/DOWN
1 Set of Mounting Screws
1 Pc of Mounting Bracket
1 Pc of Power Cord with Cigarette Lighter Socket
1 Pc of User Manual in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Romanian


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