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Midland CB-GO USB - M-Mini car transceiver and LC29 magnetic antenna SET in blister

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Midland CB-GO USB

A complete pack, containing: M-Mini USB, the Midland multimedia mini-transceiver, power cord with cigarette lighter plug and Midland LC29 high-performance antenna, fitted with a magnetic base. Become part of the CB community.

DYT installation

M-Mini USB is the new CB that widens the M series CB radios. 

With a power of 4W and 40 AM / FM channels, M-Mini USB is ideal to enter the CB radios world. M-Mini USB is also multiband, which means, it can reach the main European frequency bands (the selectable frequency bands: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, PL, UK, IN) and a new 27 CH "International" channel legal in Italy and in most EU countries.
Squelch mode is double: on 9 and 28 levels and M-Mini USB has the 9/19 emergency channel.
Another feature of M-Mini USB concept is the speed and efficiency of charging mode. 
Connect M-Mini USB to the cigarette lighter socket with the practical power cable included in the package. No cable dispersion and, via the USB socket, you recharge all your devices. 
The front side of the CB is completed by: the removable microphone with RJ45 socket, LCD display with S-Meter, the adjustable reception attenuator (RF gain). On the back, you can find the socket for the external speaker.
M-Mini: pocket, smart and efficient.
• Band: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, PL, UK, IN
• Output power: 1 Watt - 4 Watt
• Modulation: AM 90% +/- 5%, FM 2KHz
• Export version: 9 Watt 400 CH
• Channels: 40 AM/FM
• Display: Back-lit LCD display
• Digital squelch
• Emergency channel
• Frequency Range: 26.565-27.99125 MHz
• Keypad Lock
• Mike Connector: RJ45
• Audio output power: 1 Watt on 8 Ohm load
• Power supply voltage: 12 Volt
• External speaker socket
• USB Socket
• Squelch: Digital
• S-Meter
• RF Gain
• Dimensions HxLxP: 102x100x25 mm
• Weight: 450 gram

1 Pc of Transceiver
1 Pc of Power Cable
1 Pc of Antenna
1 Pc of Magnetic Mount
1 Pc of User Manual English
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