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CB PNI Escort radio station HP 9500 multistandard, ASQ, VOX, Scan, 4W, AM-FM, 12V / 24V power supply, lighter plug included

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PNI-HP9500 CB mobile transceiver

An excellent product equipped with everything needed to communicate in the CB band
PNI Escort HP 9500 is a reliable CB station that ensures clear communication over long distances. With operation on AM and FM, multi-standard, 5-level automatic Squelch and adjustable Squelch, large multicolored lighting screen, the HP 9500 is equipped with all the basic functions necessary for CB band communication. On the front panel it has a 2-pin Kenwood connector for using the station hands-free.

Multi-band CB station
CB PNI Escort HP 9500 station allows communication in the main European frequency bands. Set the norm corresponding to the country you are in by simply pressing the MODE / BAND key. The selected band (UK, EU, DE) will be displayed on the screen during the use of the station.

Ultra-compact design, front speaker, 1 DIN mounting
PNI Escort HP 9500 has a robust, compact design making this station easy to place in any space in the car. The package includes a 1 DIN housing for mounting the station on board the car. The HP 9500 is a reliable companion for drivers of cars, trucks and trucks.

Lighter plug included
CB PNI Escort HP 9500 is powered by a voltage of 12V or 24V. The detachable power cord and the cigarette lighter plug required for power supply are included in the package.

Product Identification
Product code PNI-HP9500
Manufacturer PNI
General characteristics
Broadcasting type AM / FM
Frequency 26.965 - 27.405 MHz
Emission power 4 W
feeding 12 V
1DIN assembly Yes
Special features
Operating temperature -26 ~ + 55 ° C
The package contains
Radio station Yes
Microphone Yes
Support and radio fastener screws Yes
Support and microphone grip screws Yes
Power cord Yes
Lighter jack plug Yes
1DIN mounting case Yes
Power Yes
More Information
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