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PSU-1228 toiteplokk 20/28A 13,8V

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Technical Data
PSU-1228 PSU-1250
Input Voltage 180 - 240 VAC 220 VAC
Output Voltage 13.8V fixed or 9-15V adjustable
Output Voltage Regulation < 2%
Protection Short Circuit, limited to 28A Short Circuit, limited to 50A
Output Current 28A max., 20A continous 50A max., 40A continous
Ripple < 80mVpp at rated load
Fuse (Primary) 5A 8A
Size (without controls) 155 x 70 x 205mm (WxHxD) 195 x 85 x 280mm (WxHxD)
Weight ca. 1.5kg ca. 2.5kg
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