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Albrecht AE2990 AFS handheld transceiver AM/FM/SSB

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Albrecht AE2990 AFS handheld CB radio


  • Microphone Gain Control: Provides variable modulation
  • RF Gain Control: Variable Receive Gain
  • Squelch Control: Used to eliminate background noise
  • Frequency Display: 6-Digit, Blue Backlit
  • Clarifier Control: Adjustable range of +/- 600 Hz
  • Frequency Resolution: 500 Hz Step
  • Memory Channels: 5
  • Memory Channel Scan
  • Frequency Scan
  • Split Frequency Offset for Repeater Use
  • CH 9/19
  • Hi/Low power output
  • Lock
  • MARS / CAP Compatible
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    Sending authentication request to phone

    Verification code:

    Make sure that the verification code sent to the application matches the code on the screen and then enter Smart-ID PIN1

    Waiting for Smart-ID reply