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AIRCELL 5 coaxial cable 50ohm 102m

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Aircell 5 thin, low loss and stray radiation resistant

Aircell 5 is a flexible and thin coaxial cable with 5 mm outer diameter for the frequency range from DC to 10 GHz. Its low loss characteristics in relati- on to the diameter and the ability to use standard RG 58 connectors make this cable the number one choice not only for Wireless LAN applications but also for general RF communications.

The low attenuation of Aircell 5 is achieved by using advanced manufacturing techniques and low loss PE-LLC dielectric with a foaming rate of more than 70%. This unique dielectric also offers water resistance and long term stability. Aircell 5 features a solid inner conductor extruded from low oxygen copper (OFC). Further advantages of this cable include the use of double shielding which is constructed of overlapping 100 % tight copper foil and an additional shield braiding of bare copper wires with 70 % coverage. The copper foil has an applied PE coating which prevents foil cracking due to short radius bends. The black PVC jacket of Aircell 5 is UV-stabilized.

Since Aircell 5 features the same dimensions as RG 58 type cables (5 mm outer diameter), almost all standard coaxial connectors for 5 mm coaxial cab- les can be used. Aircell 5 is the right choice, when a thin, low loss and microwave rated cable is requi- red. It can be used for numerous RF applications.

Key features:

Diameter      5,0 ± 0,2 mm
Impedance   50 ± 2 Ω
Attenuation at 1 GHz/100 m   29,54 dBf max   10 GHz
Euroclass acc. to EN 50575   Eca


Insulating material according to DIN EN 50290-2-23 (VDE 0819), table 2/A (HD 624.3)

Jacket material according to DIN EN 50290-2-22 (VDE 0819), compound type TM 52 (HD 624.2)

Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2

Flame retardant according to UN/ECE-R 118:2019-06 § 6.2.6, ISO 6722-1:2011-10 § 5.22

RoHS compliant (Directive 2011/65/EC & 2015/863/ EU RoHS 3)


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