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PANORAMA: Omni-directional TV Antenna 370mm 27,5dB 12V + ins GLOMEX

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ESCAPE is a high-gain omnidirectional TV antenna, compact and aerodynamic, to receive the analogue and digital terrestrial TV signal. It is an omnidirectional antenna with a receiving angle of 360° and reduced dimensions, with a diameter of only 14” and a height of 7”1/2 (10" with vertical whip), with a weight of 2,5 lb, with an especially high performance at low VHF frequencies. With the ESCAPE antenna it is therefore possible to receive the TV signal both at low VHF and at high UHF frequencies, and to adjust the gain with the external amplifier, directly installed on the vehicle (wall- or dashboard-mounting provided). ESCAPE can also receive polarized TV signals, both horizontally and vertically, assuring an excellent view both of analogue and of digital terrestrial TV, even when, because of natural obstacles (such as rocks etc..), only vertically polarized signals are received. ESCAPE is easy to install and provided with all necessary accessories for installation: support for roof installation with screws or glue (T198), 5 m coaxial cable, amplifier and TV cable. Glomex offers a range of optional accessories for a removable installation kit for ESCAPE: the suction cup mount with adjustable inclination T196 and the adapter for cigarette lighter T197.
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