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Mastwerks 4m quickly erecting and robust, transportable mast

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The ´Mastwerks´ is perfect for quickly erecting a robust, transportable mast. Whether it´s a short afternoon for radio operations up the mountain, or a few days´ photo camera on an elevated site, the ´Mastwerk´ masts are easy to transport and install by one person alone. The mast tubes themselves are oval in shape and thus have a special stability. This also prevents unintentional rotation in the tripod. But the tripod itself is equipped with a precise rotating system! A worm drive is moved by an externally mounted hand crank and thus turns the mast very smoothly - ideal for precisely aligning a small directional antenna, a lamp or a camera. The hand crank can be easily removed with one hand, so that it does not disturb the operation. At the same time, the worm gear drive is designed in such a way that the antenna cannot rotate alone - for example, due to wind.

The plastic parts are made of a very robust glass fibre reinforced material. These elements are very tough even at low temperatures and always retain their shape, even under rough weather conditions. The clamps of the height lock are very strong and thus ensure a reliable fit at any height. And they can be operated without tools! The same clamps are used for the bracing of the tripod. Together with the extendable legs of the tripod, they enable precise adjustment to sloping or uneven ground at the installation site. The legs of the tripod are rubberized and hold even on smooth surfaces.

The mast system is available in three heights: 4m, 7m and 10m. The scope of delivery always includes a tripod, the mast and guying material. For the masts with 7 and 10m height, ropes, fastenings and hardening rings for guying in two levels are included in the delivery, for the 4m mast only for one level. A transport bag is optionally available. The 10 m mast system with all parts together weighs about 7 kg, the 7 m system about 6 kg, the 4 m mast with tripod and accessories about 4.7 kg. The transport length of the 10 m mast system is 170 cm. The holder at the top of the mast is a 1/2" NPT thread, which is the same as the center piece (Versa Tee) of the Buddipole. The maximum top load of the mast is about 2 kg. Therefore small portable antennas like the Buddipole, a 4 element yagi for VHF or similar antennas can be used without any problems. In preparation are a motor drive for the rotating device as well as larger, adjustable feet.
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