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Tecsun PL-660 PLL World Band raadio LW FM-Stereo/AM/LW/Air Band/SW/SSB

Saadavus: 1 - 10
Tarneaeg: 1 - 3 tööpäeva
189,00 €
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• FM-Stereo / MW / LW / SW SSB / AIR band (118 ~ 137 MHz) World Receiver with high sensetivity and ѕelectivity
• Easy operation and with high quality acoustic sound
• Worldwide FM band coverage from 76 MHz to 108 MHz
• Frequency range in Short wave (SW): 1711 - 29999 KHz
• Shortwave single-sideband (SSB) with upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB)
• Synchronous detection and dual conversion technology and applied on AM band. (Major improvement on receiver’s sensitivity, ѕelectivity, anti-inter-modulation, and channel interference)
• Air-band, SSB, double conversion, tone adjustment to set the high and low tones, SYNC to improve the quality reception while the AM signals are being interfered by too the strong signals of near by radio stations.
• External antenna jack for FM / SW
• 3 Levels sensitivity ѕelector (High / Medium / Low)
• Multi Tuning Methods: 
  - Auto Tuning Storage (ATS)
  - Auto Scan Tuning with 5 seconds Pre-listening function
  - Manual Tuning
  - Direct Keypad Entry
• Store up to 2000 stations ( manually, semi-automatic and fully automatic)
  - 100 memories for FM / AM / Longwave / Air Band
  - 200 memories for Shortwave
  - 200 memories for SSB
  - 1200 memories for various bands (12 pages x 100 memories)
• Acoustic speaker with treble / bass tone control switch (FM Stereo via earphone)
• Volume control with 30 sound levels at the most.
• Easy to use with multi-functional control knob, wich is for setting timer, frequency tuning, ѕelect the page and memory
• Dual timer to turn on the preset radio station
• Adjustable timer (1 ~ 120 minutes) for radio power off automatically (adjustable timer can be switch off for long period of listening)
• 9K / 10K Tuning step for MW
• DX / Normal / Local Antenna Gain
• Back Light and Snooze Fuction
• Digital frequency visualization multi-functions, signal intensity, S/N radio, clock, alarm, temperature (°C or °F) and battery consumption.
• LCD screen. Digital clock function with 12/24 hours form
• Signal Strenght & Battery Consumption Display
• Direct Reset Function
• Key Lock Function
• 4 x AA (UM3) size batteries, DC-6V
• DC 5V USB jack connections, earphone jack, FM and SW jack antenna.
• Power supply: external 6V/300mA USB adapter (included), 4 AA rechargeable batteries (included)

• Weight: 470 gram (without batteries)
• Dimension: 187 x 114 x 33 mm

1 Pc of Receiver
1 Pc of Carrying Pouch
1 Pc of External Antenna
1 Pc of Stereo Earphones
1 Pc of AC Adapter
1 Pc of User Manual in English
Vali bränd Tecsun
Digitaalne/Analoog Analoog
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