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PANORAMA: Omni-directional TV Antenna 370mm 27,5dB 12V + ins GLOMEX

Saadavus: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: 14 - 30 tööpäeva
89,00 €
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Tehnilised näitajad Vastuvõtu nurk 360 kraadi Sagedus 40/890 MHz Müra 2.2 dB Keskmine võimendus 27.5 dBi Impedants 75 ohm voolutarve 45 mA Toitepinge 12V DC Hoidja diameeter 25mm Taldriku diameeter 370mm Kõrgus 185mmKaal 900gMaterjal ASA UV-kindelühenduvus F pistik Maksimaalne telerite arv 2 A very compact and aerodynamic omni-directional Mobile TV Antenna for all the frequencies and DVBt-TNT wherein VHF dipoles have been settled inside the radome to grant the best reception.Builded in ASA material, PANORAMA is granted with LifeTime Warranty also against the ageing and the yellowing.Its full screened high gain low noise factor Line-Amplifier with a Gain Control allows the receiving of DVBt signals and can be set up on board.PANORAMA is fully equipped with all the accessories for the installation: 5 mts coax cable, wall mount amplifier and TV cable.Glomex new SHIFT system with the pre-wired cables and connectors and an on-board adaptor T197 allows a quick temporary installation and a fast and easy shifting from a vehicle to another. The new suction pad mount T196 makes PANORAMA be sloped up and down.
Vali bränd Glomex

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