TETRASAT® UNI (5V) Roof-mounted 4-band antenna base with tilt option and integrated active GPS and GSM dual-band antennas

Saadavus: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: 14 - 30 tööpäeva
78,50 €
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Roof mounted universal 4-band antenna base with tilt option and built-in active GPS and GSM/GPRS antennas. The base accepts mobile antenna whips (0-1000 MHz) with external M5 threaded stud or internal M6 thread (by use of the supplied M5/M6 threaded adapter) TILTABLE WHIP OPTION FOR NAVIGATION AND TRACKING LOW PROFILE DESIGN NON-CORROSIVE ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: FREQUENCY 870 - 960 MHz, 1710 - 1880 MHz, 0 - 1000 MHz SATELLITE SYSTEM GPS (1575.42 MHz) IMPEDANCE 50 ohm (All) POLARISATION GSM: Linear, GPS: RHC (Right Hand Circular) BANDWIDTH See "FREQUENCY" VSWR < 2 (GSM) LNA GAIN 26 dB (GPS) NOISE FIGURE 1.35 dB (GPS) SUPPLY VOLTAGE 3 - 5.5 V DC (Fed via cable)(GPS) CURRENT CONSUMPTION, AVERAGE 20 mA (GPS) MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS: COLOR Black WEIGHT 150 g MOUNTING Bolt-on (From inside only) MATERIALS ABS, POM, PE, PTFE, PCB, brass and stainless steel OPERATING TEMPERATURE -40C to +70C CONNECTOR 1 GPS: SMA-female (Blue) CONNECTOR 2 GSM: SMA-female (Red) CONNECTOR 3 External antenna: FME-male (Black) CABLE 210 mm, 170 mm and 130 mm MOUNTING PLACE On horizontal surface MOUNTING INSTRUCTION Unobstructed view to satellites DIMENSIONS 94 x 56 mm HEIGHT ABOVE ROOF 45 mm MOUNTING HOLE 14-22 mm BUILD-IN DEPTH Approx. 10 mm INGRESS PROTECTION IP65 (When mounted)
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