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PIMS15012 inverter, USB väljund 150W/12V

Saadavus: 1 - 10
Tarneaeg: 1 - 3 tööpäeva
Soodushind 29,00 € 50,00 €
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Inverter for 12 V battery in cars and boats. It will invert the 12 V DC current to 230 V AC. With this device 230 V equipment can be connected anywhere! The inverter is equipped with a very high peak output power. Furthermore this inverter is equipped with a USB connection. Sensitive devices with a USB cable, such as MP3 players and digital cameras can now be used everywhere.

Product properties

Input Cigarette Lighter
Input Voltage 12 V(DC)
Output Schuko + USB
Output Power Continuously 150 W
Output waveform Modified sine wave
Depth 69 mm
Efficiency 90 %
Fuse 15 A
Length 165 mm
Low battery shutdown protection 9.5 V(DC)
Output Frequency 50 Hz
Output Voltage 230 V(AC)
Output current USB 500 mA
Output short circuit protection Yes
Output voltage USB 5 V(DC)
Overload Protection Yes
Peak Output Power 300 W
Thermal Protection 60 °C
Too high input voltage protection Yes
Weight 430 g
Width 94 mm
Wrong battery polarity protection yes (by fuse)
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