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Tecsun PL-600 World Band raadio FM Stereo/AM/SW/LW/SSB

Saadavus: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: 14 - 30 tööpäeva
99,00 €
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PL600 is our qualitative all frequency portable digital tunung radio wich consolidated with the advanced design by Tecsun’s professional engineer. You may statisfied by almost reaching the whole broadcasting channel throughout it’s powerful radio performance.
• This ia a multi-functional model. It provide you FM stereo, MW, LW, SW international broadcasting and short waves single side band (SSB) with sensitive to frequency signal receiving as well as the multi-optional band wave.
• FM frequency range can be set within 87 ~ 108 MHz or 76 ~ 108 MHz.
• Frequency range in Short Wave (SW): 1711- 29999 KHz. Tune visualization in 1 KHz-skips in the display for Medium (MW) and Short Wave (SW) stations
• This model consisted friendly and humamity-oriented design.
• The Multi-funtion Tuning Button could be used for time setting, frequency adjustment memory page slection and address setting as well.
• The amplitude modulation provide you both option of width / narrow bandwidth, also using of Dual Conversion Technology, wich has greatly enchange the amplitude modulation sensitivity and the ability of anti-mirror image distrubance.
• The 3 differences of sensitivity level control with high / medium / lower can improve oth strong and weak signal of receiving.
• Multi Tuning Methods:
  - Auto Scan
  - Manual Scan
  - Direct key Entry
• Auto Tuning Storage (ATS) function
• 600 station memories (100 for ATS, 500 can bes elf-customized)
• Memory page customization
• Manual and automatic scan of memorized stations frequencies
• Direct access to memorized stations
• You can select (fast/slow) manual tune
• Double conversion for AM (LW/MW/SW)
• Signal reception in Single Side Band (SSB)
• Automatic scan
• Direct introduction to station frequency through keypad
• Digital tune remote control
• Automatic built-in switch-off timer
• Two built-in programmable alarms (Timer A / Timer B) for automatic switch-on with the memorized station.
• 10 Minute Snooze Timer. This function can be repeated up to 3 times.
• FM  Stereo/mono Selector
• High/low tone selector
• Screen lighting against light
• Keypad lock function
• Programmation by codes
• Uses 4 x (AA) size battery, not included.
• Can also be used with 4x x (AA) size Ni-MH batteries.
• High quality sound effect, you may use the high / bass control switch to adjust the acoustic fidelity, make different audience satisfaction.

• This model has 24 hours time display system and Dual time zone settng of auto switch-onradio function. You mayalso preset your favor broadcasting channel and preset your radio switch off time within 1 ~ 90 minutes
• The sleep timer fuction can switch off automatically. You can freely arrange the radio switch off within ten time range of 1 ~ 120 minutes
• This model can use Nickel Hydrogen rechargeable battery for power supply, and it also has intelligent power charging function
• This midel has intelligent illumination display function
• Unit size: L 188 x H 116 x W3 1 (mm)

1 Pc of Receiver
1 Pc of Carrying Pouch
1 Pc of External Antenna
1 Pc of Stereo Earphone
1 Pc of AC Adapter
1 Pc of User Manual in English
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