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Midland M ZERO PLUS autoraadiosaatja 27MHz AM/FM

Saadavus: 1 - 10
Tarneaeg: 1 - 3 tööpäeva
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The new generation of Midland CB line starts with a model completely re‐designed withthe very latest electronics developed in SMD technology, and with the new modern plasticcase, much lighter than the usual metallic chassis of other CBs.
This is M ZERO, a 40 CHANNELS AM CB radio, small size, especially dedicated to those whowant the max ease of use from an essential radio but equipped with all main functionsrequired by a CB.
The installation is much easier and faster, thanks to the supplied cigarette lighter plug.
The UP/DOWN controls allow the channel ѕelection and the long pressure of one of thesekeys lets the channels scroll quickly.
Finally, M ZERO is also equipped with the CH‐EMG control that is useful for the immediateѕelection of the emergency channel or of a priority channel set by the user.
A new CB transceiver, ideal for those who approach for the first time to the Midland’s CB world.

CB 40CH AM Transceiver.
Ѕelectable Frequency Bands: Europe (St): 26.965‐27.405MHz; Poland (Po): 26.960‐27.400Mhz);
Output Power: 4W AM/FM.
Display showing the Channel in use.
Squelch Control.
CH/EMG Ѕelector: for the Immediate Ѕelection of the Emergency Cchannel or of theChannel in use.
Emergency/Priority Channel can be set by the user.
CB/PA Ѕelector to use the Radio as Audio Amplifier (it needs an external Speaker).
Weight: 665gr.
Dimensions: 110x45x140mm.

1 Pc of Transceiver.
1 Pc of 4-Pin Microphone.
1 Pc of Mounting Bracket.
1 Pc of 12V cigarette Lighter Plug.
1 Set of Fixing Screws.
1 Pc of Quick Guide.
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