FS-2 Large foot switch

Saadavus: Tellimisel
Tarneaeg: 14 - 30 tööpäeva
55,00 €
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The Heil FS2 Dual Foot switch is an ergonomically correct device with the hinge being UNDER your heel instead of away from your foot as with all other foot switches. This requires much less effort and relaxes the leg muscles during long periods of operation such as contest and DxPedition operations. The hinge is a solid bar running the compete width of the foot switch assembly thus eliminating screws or fasteners that may work loose. The FS-2 is designed for maximum comfort and reliability.

The Heil Dual Foot switch is a unique product specifically designed for controlling TWO devices simultaneously. Two 10 amp micro-switches are mounted so that the one feeding the RED lead turns on first and the BLACK lead turns on last. A typical application would be to key a transceiver with the BLACK lead and an RF power amplifier with the RED lead. This unique Heil foot switch eliminates any active interface problems between transceivers and RF amplifiers.

The BLACK lead is terminated in a ¼ inch male phone plug that connects into the PTT line of the Heil CC-1 microphone cable system. The RED lead comes to you with an RCA male plug which mates with most keying inputs of RF amplifiers in use today.