0DB VHF autoantenni varras paenduv FLEX 135-195MHz M5-keere väline Scan-Antenna

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G135-195 0 dB (M5)

Flexible full 1/4 λ customer tunable antenna whip

Flexible customer tunable antenna whip especially made for use with "G"-type mounts (bases) on vehicle roof etc.

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency135 - 195 MHz (2M-BAND, PMR)
Impedance50 ohm
Gain0 dBd, 2.1 dBi
Bandwidth15 MHz
VSWR< 2.0
Max. Power200 W
Mechanical Specifications:
HeightApprox. 525 mm (Before cutting)
Weight15 g
MountingOn "G"-type mounts
MaterialsTitanium alloy, PE and brass
Operating temperature-40C to +70C
Connector 1M5 threaded stud
Mounting placeVehicle roof
Mounting InstructionAntenna must be cut to specified frequency. Cutting Table included
Ordering information:
Part no.G12052
Part no.G12052IP (Bulk packing)
Packing information:
PackingPolybag or bulk
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