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Headlamp, Mactronic MAVERICK 510lm, Rechargeable, box

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Maverick - Headlamp featuring focus function

Maverick is an independent individualist, but one, who always reaches out to their user. The flashlight offers four operating modes - the most powerful generates 510 lumens and ensures excellent illumination of the surroundings. On the other hand, the flashlight can work up to 21 hrs in eco mode, which means it can be used in the most demanding conditions. The housing is made from shock-proof plastic and is IP64 certified for dust and water penetration. The user can steplessly adjust the light beam focus and can activate a sensor that switches the flashlight on and off by waving a hand at it, which translates into much easier operation for users wearing gloves or whose hands are dirty. Maverick is also equipped with a DDSTM system - the product may be powered with rechargeable batteries or regular batteries. Replacing the source of energy is super quick and intuitive.
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