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Nedis Mosquito Stop Light Trap 16 W 50 m² Coverage

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Eliminate mosquitos, flies, wasps and other annoying flying insects with this Nedis® electric insect killer. With only two 8-W UV-A lamps, this electric insect killer operates energy efficient, yet super effective: its open design covers the largest area possible. Insects lured by the UV-A lamps are instantly killed upon contact with the inner high voltage grids. This involves no chemicals which is eco-friendly and safe to both humans and the environment. Including removable and washable collecting tray for easy cleaning.


• Eco-friendly and non-toxic: works with high voltage.
• Removable collecting tray
• Hanging chain included
• Open design covering a large area
• Energy-efficient operation: 2x 8 W

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Insect killer
Hanging chain
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