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Midland BR01 BIZTALK transceiver, 2800mAh LiIon battery, desktop charger

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Midland introduces the BizTalk range, conceived primarily for the business world. High performance mechanical and electronic reliability and ease of use make the BR radios the perfect choice for those who need to communicate at work. The Midland BR01 is distinguished by its extremely compact design, simple and clean lines, which result in immediacy and extreme ease of use.

• Range: Up to 15 floors or up to 18.000 sqm (Depends on usage)
• Monitor function
• Squelch with 10 selectable levels
• Vocal tuner
• 37 hours of battery life
• Li-Ion 2800 mAh, 3.7 Volt battery
• Microphone/loudspeaker jack
• 2-Pin Kenwood accessories socket 

• Manufacturers of PMR446 transceivers often claim a range of up to 10 kilometers, but this distance is theoretical and calculated under test conditions only.
• In a city the range will be no more than a few streets.
• In the countryside the range can be up to 500 meters.
• In completely open areas or on water, the range can be up to a few kilometers.
1 Pc of Transceiver
1 Pc of USB Cable
1 Pc of Wall Adapter
1 Pc of Battery Pack Li-Ion 3.7V 2800mAh
1 Pc of Belt Clip
1 Pc of Wrist Strap
1 Pc of User Manual in Italian, English, German, Spanish, French and Greece

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