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Mactronic THH0131 Battery flashlight with focus and wide range, 915lm, Night Hunter 02 (2xCR123), box

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The Night Hunter’s large reflector and lens work in tandem to throw a sharp beam for up to 391m, even while exploiting the light’s wide flood function. Its 915 lms packs the power, depth and long range of a searchlight into a handheld or weapon mounted flashlight, making the Night Hunter a favorite with border patrols in over a dozen countries. The blinding beam disorientates opponents, giving you an edge in all confrontations. Available in both a rechargeable and battery version. Operation time: 100 % 1 h 30 min, 50 % 3 h 35 min, 20 % 5 h 24 min, 2 % 45 h Focus: Light output: 915 lm Hand strap: Operation modes: 100 %, 50 %, 20 %, 2 % Weight: 216 g Waterproof: IPX7 Shockproof: 1,2 m Dimensions: 45 × 29 × 147-155 mm Light Distance: 391 m Power supply: 2 × CR123A Light source: Cree™ XM-L2 U2
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