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Mactronic AHL0016 Double lens headlamp Phantom with spot and flood beam, 500lm 4 x AA

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With three dedicated light sources, a vast combination of operation modes and output, the powerful 500 lm Phantom puts performance in your pack. 2 sepa­rate lenses deliver spot or flood light and work independently, or together, empowering you to customize the output. Along with the dual Cree LEDS, we’ve outfitted the Phantom with four Nichia diodes for an antireflective, warm glow light that is perfect for reading in your tent or conversing around the fire without blinding your fellow campers. Our propriety “Advanced Dimming System” (ADS) for smooth brightness control, gives an infinite adjustment of the light to meet every individual lighting requirement.


Batteries included: yes
Safety lock: yes
Operation time: 1 Cree 100% 6h, 10% 40h, 2 Cree 100% 4h; Nichia 100% 30h
Color of emitted light: Cree cold white, Nichia warm white
Material: plastic
Light output: 2 x Cree 500 lm, Nichia 70 lm
Headlamp strap: yes
Brightness Control: yes
Adjustable head angle: 180 degrees
Series: Adventure Line
Rear warning light: RGB
Battery control system : yes
Weight: 255 g
Waterproof: IPX4
Shockproof: 1m
Dimensions: head: 86 × 39 × 47; battery case: 80 × 56 × 42
Light Distance: 191 m
Power supply: 4 x AA
Light source: 2 × Cree® XP-G2 + 4 × 5mm Nichia® LED
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