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Headlamp, Mactronic CYCLOPE II, 600lm, rechargeable, set (accumulator, magnet charger, clip, strap with rubber grip on the forehead), black, box

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Cyclope II - Rechargeable High Power Headlamp

Affordable 600 lm - a universal head lamp Cyclope II

The Cyclope II head lamp is more than 30% cheaper than its nearest competitor, while offering additional benefits such as lower weight (w/o batteries) and a specially designed head harness that is additionally coated with silicone to prevent it from moving during physical activities such as jogging or climbing. The lamp has a built-in magnet serving as a:

1. A mounting for magnetic chargers
2. A mounting that fixes the lamp to metal elements to serve as a source of light The additional functions include:
» When worn on the head, Cyclope II allows free adjustment of the light angle, up to 180 degrees » A mounting for the system used by military and police forces

» A clip that fixes the lamp to the belt or other parts of the garment
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