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Flashlight Mactronic Flagger, 500lm, LiPoly battery 1500mAh, microUSB cable

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A new iteration of an older classic, working with flat batter-ies. We all had them and remember them warmly. A flash-light with sliding filters, an aluminium housing and a heavy zinc-copper battery, only available at Ruck news-stands.Mactronic slimmed this flashlight down to a little over 100 grams (the entire flashlight now weighs what the zinc-battery would weigh and is easily grabbed with a hand. All functions can be activated with just one hand. The flashlight’s built-on lithium battery is recharged via mini USB, saving the cost of replacing standard batteries. A fully recharged battery generates light at 500 lm, for 2.5 hours. A specially designed reflector allows to illuminate objects at a distance of up to 150 m. Selecting the economic mode, with the light power at 150 lm, the operating time is greatly increased, to 6 hours. A fully independent COB panel replaces the red and green filter, generating a uniform green or read beam. This function is activated with two independent buttons, designed to prevent accidental activa-tion of the wrong colour - the SURETOUCH™ technology.To further increase the flashlight’s all-around useful-ness, Mactronic added 3 different mounting options. The flashlight easily fits every pocket and also sports:1. A magnet for fixing it to a car body, in case of emergency,2. A clip for fixing it to a belt or a shirt’s / jacket’s pocket, for performing inspections or repairs,to keep your hands free,3. A hook for fixing it in a tent or under a shed’s roof.
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