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Hytera PT580H Plus TETRA Portable Radio 380-430MHz

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Hytera PT580H - TETRA handheld radio

Versatile services and ergonomic design

Full functionality and ergonomic design. With degree of protection IP67, high-resolution color display,
output rating of up to 3 W, clear digital voice quality, man down function and GPS localization the
portable radio PT580H offers best TETRA communication in any situation.

Compact design and easy operation

PT580H stands out for its compact design and large keys offering an excellent handling. More over,
the portable radio PT580H has a high-resolution, transflective 1.8-inch-colour display which even under
exposure to the sun features an outstanding readability.

Patented antenna

The integrated radio and GPS antenna provides high comfort and optimum features. Both operating buttons
of PT580H are separated from each other via the antenna so that even with gloves or under bad light conditions
operating errors are hardly possible.

Dust and waterproof

The device meets the requirements according to degree of protection IP67 with an immersion test at a water
depth of 1 m for a duration of up to 30 minutes. The device meets the requirements of the standard
MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and passed the HALT tests (Highly Accelerated Life Test). Thus, even under rough
operating conditions it offers excellent features.

Versatile services

Apart from voice and data communication, additional functions can be added: GPS, encryption, voice recording etc.
Moreover, the handheld radio features a connector for expansions.

Prompt and seamless communication

PT580H provides quick access to the TETRA radio network and to the services. It was developed according to the
regulations of the ETSI TETRA standards and is therefore compatible with infrastructures and mobile stations
of several manufacturers.

Operating mode

  • Trunked radio mode (TMO): Communication via the TETRA radio network (semi-duplex or duplex mode)
  • Direct mode (DMO): Direct communication between the devices without using the radio network (semi-duplex)
  • Support of DMO Repeater and TMO / DMO Gateway function: Extending the range of Direct Mode (DMO) communication

  • Voice services

  • Group calls:
  • - Group call
    - Group call with defined priority (incl. pre-emptive priority)
    - Group call with emergency priority
    - Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA)
    - Broadcast call (TMO)
    - Talking Party Identification (TPI)
  • Individual calls:
  • - Individual call semi-duplex
    - Individual call duplex (TMO)
    - Individual call with defined priority (incl. pre-emptive priority)
    - Display of the identification of the calling party (CLIP)
  • Calls to telephone networks (PSTN/PABX) (TMO):
  • - PSTN / PABX individual call full duplex
    - PSTN / PABX individual call half duplex
    - DTMF, display of the identification of the calling party (CLIP)

    Additional call services

  • Callout

  • Security services

  • Authentication
  • Air interface encryption (TEA1, TEA2*, TEA3, TEA4)
  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE)
  • Access control with PIN / PUK Code
  • TETRA Security Class 1, 2, 3 (unencrypted, static encryption, dynamic encryption)
  • Key Distribution via Air Interface (OTAR)
  • Enable / Disable via Air Interface
  • Ambience Listening

  • Safety functions for the user

  • Emergency key
  • Lone Worker function
  • Man Down alert
  • Silent alarm
  • Call barring
  • Key Lock
  • Configuration protection / Configuration password
  • TX Inhibit (TXI)

  • Functions of the user interface

  • 20 programmable keys for direct access to the individual functions (short keys)
  • 4-ways navigation key
  • Separated rotary knobs for talk groups and audio volume
  • Call log: missed / answered calls, dialed numbers
  • Flexible dialing (e.g. direct dialing, redialing, dialing lists etc.)
  • Special microphone: upper microphone for semi-duplex calls, lower microphone for duplex calls
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Many international languages already available, multiple ѕelectable languages installed on radio terminal
  • GPS location according to ETSI LIP or NMEA-protocol
  • - Completely integrated single-chip GPS receiver
    - Completely programmable position updating
    - Transmission of the position data on emergency call
    - Time synchronization and calibration
  • BT (optional module)
  • - Wireless BT connection to several audio and PTT devices
    - Automatic search and recognition of compatible BT devices
  • PEI interface
  • Clock synchronization via GPS / SAT, radio network or local time
  • Energy saving mode
  • Automatic cell reѕelection without call interruption (Handover)
  • Programming of multiple ѕelectable networks (TMO, DMO)
  • Programming of multiple ѕelectable gateways PSTN / PABX
  • Customizable alarm tones
  • Radio User Assignment (RUA)

  • Data / message services

  • Short data service (SDS) – 1, 2, 3, 4 and TL
  • Long SDS and Flash SDS
  • Status message / Text message
  • Notification on new messages during calls
  • Packet data (single-slot, multi-slot)

  • The features marked by * will be available in future versions of the PT580H. Encryption features are optional
    and have to be configured separately. They also are subject to German and European export regulations.
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    Sending authentication request to phone

    Verification code:

    Make sure that the verification code sent to the application matches the code on the screen and then enter Smart-ID PIN1

    Waiting for Smart-ID reply