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Midland Bike Guardian WIFI motorcycle camera FHD

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Bike Guardian is the first motorbike video camera with continuous recording, which is very useful in the event of an accident to prove cause and liability. Connected to the motorbike USB port via the power cable provided (waterproof), it automatically begins recording when the motorbike starts and switches itself off when the motorbike is turned off. 
With the Visionbank application, you can control the video camera remotely using a smart phone or tablet.

Bike Guardian Wifi is the evolution of the first motorbike dash cam devised by Midland.
As the name suggests, the new Bike Guardian Wifi is always connected: thanks to the Visionbank app you can control it straight from your own smart phone, even while it is recording.
Bike Guardian Wifi is equipped with a broader wide-angle lens than the previous version: up to 170°, which records everything around you in Full HD @30fps.
The recordings are made in a loop: this means that once the available space on the micro SD chosen by the user (up to 128 GB) has been used, the contents will be recorded over.
Thanks to the integrated accelerometer (G-sensor), the camera is capable of recognising an accident and automatically protects the video from being recorded over; so you are guaranteed never to lose the footage taken when you need it, a real black box recorder! Bike Guardian Wifi has been completely updated, even its metal casing has a new finish and further enhanced water resistance. In fact it is IP68 certified, so it could even record up to 10 m underwater! The power supply cable provided is also waterproof.

Main features

FULL HD dash cam / action cam

 Resolution: Full HD 1080p / HD 720p/WVGA/VGA
Frame rate - 1080p@30fps / 720p@30fps

 IP68 rating

 Cycle recording

 Photo: 12MP

 Video: 1080p 30fps

 Wide angle 170°

 MicroSD - From 8 up to 128GB (4GB or lower are not supported)
Battery - 1000mAh (up to 120min)

Inside the box:
BIKE GUARDIAN WI-FI video camera , USB cable, waterproof USB cable, fixing bracket, handlebar mounting, suction cup mounting, double-adhesive mounting consisting of: GO-PRO adaptor, screw, quick fixing, double-adhesive flat base
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