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YA-0828-02 directional antenna 11dBi

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Key Specifications/ Special Features:

  • Description: 800-2800MHz YAGI 11dBi FOR N JACK
  • Features:
    • designed for LTE/GSM/WCDMA/UMTS/LTE wireless communications
    • RoHS compliant
    • Directional antenna
    • wide band
    • IP66
  • Specifications:
    • Model number: AN-YA-0828-02
    • Description: 800-2800MHz YAGI 11dBi for N-jack
    • Operating frequency: 800-2800MHz
    • Antenna type: YAGI
    • Gain: 11dBi
    • VSWR: ≤1.6
    • Beam width degree: vertical 40-50°/horizontal 50-65°
    • Connector options: N female
    • Dimensions: (L)445x(W)210x(H)65mm
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Use of antenna 3G, 4G, GPRS, GSM, M2M, Outdoor

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